Sugar Technology Forum.

The forum operated by has suffered a number of problems that led us to set up an alternative using Yahoo Groups. Go to for more information on the new forum or to visit as a guest and see the posted messages.

The forum is based on a mailing list and many people will make and receive postings via their email account. To register for the list go to and enter the email address upon which you wish to receive forum messages along with the other information. You will then receive an email from YahoGroups saying you have been invited to join, simply reply to this to confirm your acceptance

Once registered you will receive incoming mails with [sugartech] in the subject line which are addressed to (you may wish to sort them into a folder using these attributes). By default these arrive as individual forum messages as they are posted (one by one) but you can also set up to receive a daily digest which arrives around noon GMT.

There are a range of extra facilities on offer to web users who have registered with Yahoo and associated their forum email address with their Yahoo ID. See for more details.

A word of warning - the signup procedures involve some manual intervention and also each step uses a confirmation email to ensure that the address is valid and that you wish to subscribe. Please be patient and reply to each confirmation note before progressing to the next step. After using the join form at you will receive an "invitation to join" - it is best to use this and not the alternative direct signup methods.

To unsubscribe from the SugarOnline forum, go to and sign in with your email address and password. On the left of the window select "Unsubscribe from forums" and choose sugartech from the dropdown box before hitting the Unsubscribe button.

You can also unsubscribe using the links at the bottom of each email you have received, this sends an email to the list server and you should get a mail back asking you to confirm your intentions.

To send a message to the new mailing list you address it to making sure you put a sensible subject line on the message and say who you are, where you are (which country) and what your affiliation is (company, university or whatever).

Note that you can only send messages to the list from an address that is registered, also note that the moderation might take up to a day (depending on what the volunteers are up to) so be patient if your message doesn't arrive quickly, you'll usually be told if it is rejected by the moderator and why..

Phil Thompson

July 2001