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Welcome to a brief introduction to PlanActiv Ltd.

This is *definitely* work in progress......

PlanActiv is a small UK based company with an office in Guangxi Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China (PRC). The PRC office grew out of the involvement of PlanActiv's Directors in the Chinese cane sugar industry, initially working alongside BSO.

Since those early days they have developed the all important connections with the local business and political leaders, and are progressing a number of business ventures that we will bring details of in due course. Most of these are based around introducing Western ideas, technology and (where appropriate) equipment or products into the Chinese sugar industry.

China's sugar market offers a vast potential for the future, with over a billion people currently consuming an average of 6 kg per year of sugar per head, less than 20% of the typical Western country. A doubling of consumption to a lowly 12 kg per head per year would require an additional 6m tonnes of sugar per year - a 5% increase in world production.

Closer to home PlanActiv are involved in Project Management on projects involving process, mechanical and civil engineering.

To contact the PRC office by email click here, or for the UK operation click here.

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