This page provides links to some of the sugar companies, equipment suppliers and other organisationsrelevant to processing sugar cane or sugar beet into sugar.Mail me if you have comments or problems with the links.
Rich sources of links and information are and the USSugar Industry Online Resource. set out to be the leading Sugar Industry portal, however its business model didn't fly and they are now in voluntary liquidation. The domain name is up for sale, along with the rest of the business.

New!Wayne Jayes in South Africa has moved his excellent news page.

SugarWeb is another UK based sugar site with lots of links, including some stuff on Panela which is a small scalesugar product that includes all of the impurities from the cane juice.

The following sugar companies have web pages, (I recommend visiting SugarOnline as they keep their list up to date) :

Irish Sugar , my friends over the water.
Tate & Lyle plc , a classic corporate site.
Monitor Sugar in the States, includes kids stuff and process tours.
Illovo Africa's biggest sugar producer.
Tongaat Hulett in South Africa, very professional.
Sudzucker Germany's biggest sugar producer, including a game and stereo sound !
Pfeifer & Langen from the North of Germany.
Cosun a Dutch company with sugar and other interests.
Cosucra make fructose from chicory and sugar from beet.
Danisco operate in 3 European countries.
British Sugar recently (Sept 2001) revamped with a brighter look.
Sugarpol is British Sugar's first venture in E.Europe.
RSTL was Tate & Lyle's covert Russian operation, with 3 factories, however they have now pulled out.
The Russian sugar industry has an industry wide site. You may need the services of Babelfish to read it!
Napier Brown are UK sugar merchants providing an alternativedistribution channel from manufacturers to customers.
ED & F Man are traders who are continuing to move into production & transport.

For the more technological, you can see a Plate Evaporator report describing a British Sugar installation in Japanese, but the photos, flow diagrams and tables are in English. You can also visit the manufacturer Alfa Laval.

Wiedemann supply a range of equipment to the sugar industry.Keep your eyes on Flite Software for pipe networksizing software.

BMA and Fives Cail are two of Europe's major sugar equipment suppliers.
Fives Cail was formerly FCB and was joined in the Fives Lille group by Fletcher Smith , a UK based sugar technology supplier with very strong links to South Africa.

RAR in Portugal have published an interesting paper on crystallisation on their web site.
Another source of information on crystallisation is the Andrew Van Hook Association.

JND are a UK firm which makerotary dryers and coolers for sugar, as well as many other things.R Simon also make rotary dryers.

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